Kate Hilliard
Art Therapy
Kate Hilliard
Post Grad Dip Art Therapy • BA Hons

Thoughts and feelings can be expressed using art materials, when words are difficult.

What if you donít feel confident using art materials?

No previous experience or skill in the use of art materials is needed to benefit from Art Therapy.

No artistic skills are needed to benefit from Art Therapy.

Part of the Art Therapist's role is to help you feel comfortable using the art materials. People sometimes feel anxious about getting it right. The sessions are designed to be supportive, not to teach you how to paint or draw. Most people get used to this way of expressing themselves within a couple of sessions.

Art Therapy enables motives and insights which are unknown and hidden
to become explicit and can then be explored together. Kate's perception
means these moments don't slip away Ė client

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Kate Hilliard, Art Therapist

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